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Kolezeee Solutions je IT kompanija specijalizovana za website-ove i biznis aplikacije koje su lepe, multifunkcionalne i SEO optimizovane.
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WordPress – the most popular platform for content management

WordPress – the most popular platform for content management

If you need a site that contains just a few pages, representing your company, mission and vision, several products and services, your contact, and perhaps a page with answers to frequent questions from your clients, then the WordPress is not for you, but rather what we all know as “static HTML site.”
If you, however, prefer to change, add or delete content (images and text) on your site, and not to be limited in the number of pages you can add, as well as in the amount of text and images, then WordPress site is the right solution for your. Why?
Clients are happy to opt for a way to manage their site (even for a very small number of pages), when they know that it is very easy to learn to use the platform, and that making such site is certainly cheaper and takes less time than some alternative content management system. In the hands of professional web developers even very complex websites made in WordPress can seem neat, beautiful and have good performance.

Some interesting data:
• Teaching clients to independently use the platform takes between half an hour and an hour
• 26.4% of all sites that are currently on the Internet are done in WordPress
• 59.5% of all dynamic websites (websites which have the ability to have their content changed from the administrative panel) is made using WordPress
• There are about 44,000 different plugins, that add to the beauty, functionality, or both
• The source code is available in 56 languages ​​around the world
• If a person or a team is developing a website in WordPress respecting the rules of programming, teamwork and good practice, then any other professional person or team can easy continue to develop or make changes to the final site, thanks to WordPress

So when to go for WP?


If you want to easily modify your own site, WordPress is an absolute favorite in the ease of use and performance on the internet. Besides the loading speed, stability, and pretty high resistance to attacks, WordPress has another excellent feature, large number of themes, as well as plugins and add-ons that provide so huge variety of functionalities.

It pays off to everyone


Web developers, programmers and designers have a lot of work until they fully adapt the entire original version of WordPress theme to the specific needs and wishes of a client, but this whole proccess is worth, because the end result is a beautiful and functional site, as well as a satisfied client who can access the content whenever he wants and change the site if there is a need for it, while retaining nice look and loading speed.

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