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Kolezeee Solutions je IT kompanija specijalizovana za website-ove i biznis aplikacije koje su lepe, multifunkcionalne i SEO optimizovane.
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The question is - what can we do for you?
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." - Mahatma Gandhi

So, how can we serve to improve your business?

Everyone can play football, but not every group of football lovers is a professional team that can enter the league of the best in the country or world. It’s similar with Web development. There are many people who like to design here and there, or even try to code simple web applications, but unlike professional players, they cannot compete for the medal, proving their skills on the real court in front of strict judges.

Search engines and competitive market are strict internet judges to every business. We are professional team on the big green field of web development, focusing on WEB APPLICATIONS (or in other words websites), and on BUSINESS APPLICATIONS (or business software). First ones present products and services that a company offers, and the second ones are used inside of a company for improving their workflow, tracking changes and helping employees in their everyday tasks.

A company should have core values as guides in managing relationships with partners and clients. Our service includes not only the product we deliver to you (website or software), but also our continuous support for as long as you need it.

Go and have fun. Play. Enjoy. Go develop your business.
And let us create amazing web applications for you.
That's our business that we develop all the time.
That's our game, it's where we compete
and know how to win..

We are dedicated to make only Web applications that will inspire your visitors to take action, or to come visit again. Friendly User Interface (UI) – easy navigation through site page and content on each page, balanced text and photos, nicely presented titles, important and other pieces of text, useful content, good choice of colors, good composition – they all create User Experience (UX) that visitor will appreciate.

Also, our focus is on Business applications, and sometimes it is demanding process for both client, who is looking for ways to simplify his workflow with the help of software, and for developers who combine variety of programming knowledge to achieve the maximum performance of that software. But it’s worthy.

Multimedia content : audio, video, files...
3D effects : animation, flying objects, depth
Connectivity : social networks integration
Performance : loading speed, functionality
Semantics : properly written code and texts

We believe in long term relationships. We believe in open, honest and simple communication. We respect client’s rights. One of these rights is to know what he or she buys.

Terminology that is used on the web in the context of making websites and business applications is repetitive, pretty wide, but explanations for these terms are not exactly behind every corner. We believe that the reason for this is that many people involved in web development like to keep a mistery around these terms in order to keep the client a bit inferior, throwing a lot of technical words on him, convincing him to buy more than he needs.

We choose different approach, more open and simple. We provide a list of the most used words, and simple explanations for each. We want to “educate” our customers, to help them decide which service is needed and which one is not, even before our first contact via phone or email. You can check our KWYP page where you can see the list of the most used terminology on the web related to websites, with small descriptions. If you have a question, please look for the answer on our FAQ page, if not, be free to contact us via email or phone.

We are the change we wish to see on the web.
Our values

High quality - nothing less is acceptable

Honesty - it's the only way we work

Transparency - be included in the process

Great timing - we finish on time or earlier

Simplifying things - sometimes kind of art