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Kolezeee Solutions je IT kompanija specijalizovana za website-ove i biznis aplikacije koje su lepe, multifunkcionalne i SEO optimizovane.
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About This Project


NGO Research and Educational Center Life Design is founded by six people who are in love with human potential, exploring old and new ways of improving quality of life. It’s a platform and an environment for new ideas to come to reality. Through workshops, seminars, programs, outdoor activites, people are supported to make significant difference in everyday choices that influence quality of their lives.


  • Ready for printing
  • Dark & white backgrounds
  • PSD / EPS / PNG / JPG files
  • CMYK / sRGB profiles
  • Printing bleed area
  • Full color
  • Proper settings for clean and sharp white letters
  • Made both in English and Serbian
  • Stickers for metal, wood, plastic and cloth
Graphic design