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Kolezeee Solutions is an IT company specialized in making websites and business applications that are beautiful, multifunctional and optimized.
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Team of 4 professionals, sitting at one table, doing one job:
making beautiful and multifunctional websites, perfectly optimized for search engines.

Full support included, by phone and email.


Selling your services or products online can save a lot of money, and it is easy to use – that’s why it is so popular. We can set a new online store as a part of your website or as a separate web application. Integration with social networks and payment processors is optional and can be done later.

Web Analytics

How many visits do you have? How many unique visitors? How much time people spend on your website? From which locations? Data like this are very important to the most of businesses today and this is exactly what we offer when it comes to web statistics.

Social Media Integration

Connecting your website with social media accounts and vice versa is one of the best ways to improve SEO, to increase the level of engagement of your visitors in both quality and quantity, and to raise the total number of visits to your web application.

Support for your business email accounts

Many people use private Gmail or Yahoo accounts for business and it has certain advantages but it is not professional nor a good practice.

We are glad to help you set a few emails on your domain, for different purposes or employees, i.e.: office@example.com, marketing@example.com, etc. The next step is setting the storage space for each email, and you are ready to go.

We will be glad to do the whole process for you, providing full support afterwards.

Why us?

Web applications that we make are :


We are proud of the Quality/Price, Quantity/Price and Time/Price relations that we offer.

100% Resposive

Nice appeareance and proper presentation of site elements, colors and texts accross variety of desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Easy administration

If you want an administration section on your website, it will be easy to use, user-friendly, zero coding knowledge needed.

Dynamic infographics

Interactive websites can present data from databases in many ways, including pie charts and graphicons, showing always the latest calculations.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said :

Love of beauty is taste. Creation of beauty is art.

We create beautiful windows into your business, and open it wide to the world, proudly presenting your products and services.

Traditional proverb says that the eyes are the windows into one’s soul. The analogy is obvious – your website is the window into your business, and it reflects a lot about you. Even if your business doesn’t have its website, that fact alone speaks enough about you to your potential clients.

This window is often the first thing, and sometimes the only thing that people will see. This window needs to be beautiful, clean, shiny and open in any moment, ready for potential customer to have a look at what you have to offer.

Our websites have these important characteristics

Multimedia content

3D Effects

Connectivity with SN