Kolezeee Solutions | Team
Kolezeee Solutions je IT kompanija specijalizovana za website-ove i biznis aplikacije koje su lepe, multifunkcionalne i SEO optimizovane.
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Always ready to rock and roll on the web.

We are glad to have an oportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Our story :
We are 4 people, completely passionate about what we do. Now the best part of our story: we met! We founded Kolezeee Solutions, and we do what we know best and like most. Coding, designing and content writing, SEOing, marketing, following all the latest trends, and basically… converting a lot of coffee into amazing web applications and business software.

We consider ourselves :
Keen. Open. Lucky. Eclectic. Zealous. Energetic. Etic. Elite.

Well known fact :
Every freelancer and every company needs a properly coded, designed and SEOed wwwindow to the world.

Our goal is :
To be one of the best in making brands, products and services really wwwisible on the internet.

The real question here is :
What can we do for you?

Kolezeee Solutions Team


Ivana Šapić

Certified Web Designer, Graphic Designer

Born in Belgrade. Excited about everyday changes and possibilities in growing IT world. Finding magic and art in every segment of life. Passionate for dance, nature and photography.

Motto : Always look on the bright side of life.


Aya Romporas

Certified PHP / MySQL / JS Dev

Born in Belgrade. Lived in 3 countries. Daughter. Sister. Wife. Mum. Chess player. Salsa dancer. Sea, sun & wine lover.

Motto : The difficult is to be done immediately, and the impossible may just take a little bit longer to accomplish.


Milan Mirković

Certified PHP / MySQL / JS Dev

Born in Novi Sad. Likes mountain hiking, chess and numismatics. Loves nature, big fan of techno music and Exit festival.

Motto : While we postpone, life speeds by.


Boris Vatovec

PHP / MySQL / JS Dev

Born and raised in Belgrade. In love with design, coding and street art.

Motto : Don’t work hard, work smart.

The Process

After careful listening to your needs and expectationsin details, the next phase is making a design that will suit your business best. After design, we keep thinking in code, programming all the functionalities of your site, creating perfectly tailored code to penetrate all the main search engines. After testing phase, we deliver the final product to you. And we stay close, providing support as long as you need it.

Why us?

We believe in PRIDE – a Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence.

We have set the bar very high when it comes to quality of our services and products, our communication with clients and our team, and especially when it comes to quality/price, quantity/price and speed/price relations. We conduct polls about prices, trends and other parameters on regular basis, to make sure that we always meet the expectations of our clients or even exceed them with ease.

In order to be excellent, a website needs a beautiful design that will send the message you want, it needs to be coded properly, so it can be loaded fast and climb high in search results, and it needs to have its content written in a web-friendly way, using partly human and partly SEO language patterns. We are experts in combining all these aspects, providing the whole package.